If you are about to buy a used vehicle you really need to think about whether the seller has told you the entire truth about the vehicle’s history.

Do you know for sure that it hasn’t ever been stolen? Maybe the vehicle was written off at some point. Do you know whether it was once imported or exported? Has the number plate been changed? Was the vehicle used before it was initially registered in the UK? Get an immediate, online vehicle check on a car, truck, motorbike or van and find out now

For only £3.50 you can get access the very latest Vehicle database in the UK. It can run a check through all UK registered vehicles for the correct model and make; it checks data from the Police National Computer (PNC) for stolen vehicles, the ABI (Association of British Insurers) for any previous vehicle accident damage. It checks the number of previous owners, number plate changes, export/import details and more.

It also provides an instantaneous online check of the VIN (chassis number). Checking a vehicle online has never been simpler!

This is the very best value vehicle history checking service available today in the UK. You get an instant printout and the confidence that the mycarcheck group has performed over one million vehicle checks over the last year.

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