Van Insurance

Van insurance is offered in a similar format to car insurance. There are three main types available and it is a legal requirement to be insured by at least third party status when driving a commercial vehicle.

Van Insurance

There are additional extras over and above car insurance that van drivers need to purchase before using the van on a public road. The insurer will need to know if the van is to be used for business purposes as it may affect any future claim.

Cover for additional uses such as towing a trailer or sustaining injury from use of the van would be included as part of the underwriting process.

Van drivers normally carry additional items in the van such as tools or equipment that is essential to the job they are doing. Additional business insurance may be needed to cover any loss of this nature.

In most cases vans are used for business purposes. In this case commercial vehicle insurance will apply. This will normally consist of fully comprehensive cover that will insure the van to be driven by anyone over the age of twenty-five.

If there is more than one van being used for business purposes, fleet insurance may be available and the underwriting process and cover for this may be better suited to the multiple fleet.

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