Direct Line Car Insurance offers and discounts

No Claims Bonuses for named drivers

Direct Line is the first major insurer to offer no claims discounts for named drivers. In other words, the named drivers on your account will have their no claims periods, while included on your policy, taken into account when applying for their own car insurance.

This is great news for named drivers, who can then use the no claims bonus on further policies with Direct Line, although the bonus may not be recognised by other insurance firms.

This is a great addition to the firm’s offering, but it is worth bearing in mind that bonuses obtained as a named driver on someone else’s car insurance policy may not carry bonuses of the same magnitude as those accumulated on your own policy.

Only driver discount
If you are the sole insured person on your car insurance policy with Direct Line, insure a second vehicle with Direct Line and receive a generous discount.
This offer will be welcomed by many drivers but remember that if you make a claim, the discount will fall – in the same way as regular no-claims discounts (NCDs).

Multi-car discounts
This discount applies if a second car is insured with Direct Line by an existing policyholder’s named driver or a member of their household. Direct Line says that it has introduced this offer to avoid penalising households that have more than one vehicle – which let’s face it, includes a huge number of households these days.

Motorbike NCD recognised

For the motorbike enthusiasts among you, you will be pleased to hear that if you want to switch to a car, your motorbike no claims discount will be taken into account when quoting for your car insurance.

Company car NCD

If you had sole use of a company car and you return to owning your own car, for which you will need your own insurance, Direct Line will take into account any no claims period accumulated when you were driving the company car.

Discounts on breakdown recovery for multi-car customers

Direct Line customers receive a Break Down Multi-Car Discount of up 35 per cent when insuring more than one car.

And in addition to all this…

Direct Line customers can enjoy eight free weeks of cover
in the first year and vandalism insurance as standard with the firm’s comprehensive package.

Apply for a Direct Line car insurance quote today.

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