Breakdown cover

Breakdown insurance also known as breakdown cover comes in many different forms. The various types of breakdown cover available are there to help you decide on breakdown insurance that will cover you for every eventuality.

Roadside assistance is there to assist you with fixing your vehicle should it break down when you are at least a ΒΌ of a mile from where you live. If necessary it will provide cover for towing the car to the nearest available garage to arrange repairs.

Home start is breakdown cover that will assist you when your car breaks down outside your home. The recovery team will provide technical assistance when your vehicle breaks down to enable you to continue your journey.

Breakdown cover is there to cover the cost of repairing a broken down vehicle when it gets towed to a garage to be fixed. This offers peace of mind as repairs can be expensive and having insurance for this will cover up to a certain amount required for repairs to get the vehicle moving again.

There are various different insurance companies that offer a wide range of services to help protect the motorist from additional expense when their vehicle breaks down.

Breakdown insurance offers peace of mind to the motorist. The extra cost involved is preferable to being stranded without a working vehicle that would cause distress and inconvenience to the driver.

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