Car insurance premiums for many drivers could be on the rise as over 5,000 motorists have been stopped by police in the last six months in accordance with newly introduced ‘inconsiderate driving’ regulations, the latest data has revealed.

Freedom of Information requests submitted by Auto Express to all of the UK’s 45 police constabularies have uncovered that 5,472 drivers have been stopped on British roads in the last half-a-year because of the new laws. The legislative clamp down on inconsiderate driving came into force on 16 August 2013 and this data suggests that the changes have been firmly upheld by motor police.

Any driver stopped can be handed out on the spot penalties or even receive points on their licence. This, in turn, will impact on their car insurance premiums, so this diligent police work can be expected to have a knock-on effect on drivers’ policies and insurance quotes in the coming year.

The poor driving practices that are being penalised include things like lane-hogging, tailgaiting or even wheelspinning. While fines or penalty points are an option, police can also offer educational courses to try and improve the standards of UK drivers.

Police in Scotland issued the most inconsiderate driver penalties with 1,454, although they cover a larger area than many forces. In second place was Nottinghamshire ahead of the Met Police in third.

Speaking to Auto Express, Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, national roads policing lead at the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: “Officers have found the new procedures helpful as they seek to raise standards of driving and keep road users safe.”

The Institute of Advanced Motorists’ Neil Greig added: “We had doubts about whether it would become a numbers game, but the figures suggest the power’s being used in the right way.”

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