The rising costs of car insurance is prompting many drivers to reconsider their choice of car.

This is according to recent research from, which has revealed that 65 per cent of motorists believe that their next choice of vehicle purchase will be impacted by the fact that fuel prices have reached a record high and car insurance costs keep climbing.

Of those who were planning on changing their purchase choice, 55 per cent said that they will look for a more fuel efficient model next time, while 38 per cent stated that they will try to purchase a vehicle that will not cost as much in car insurance or which has a lower road tax.

Pete Harrison, car insurance expert at the comparison website, commented, “It is not surprising so many motorists are rethinking their vehicle choice given escalating fuel and insurance costs. Our analysis shows car insurance prices increased by 31 per cent in 2010, and we have seen similar rises in 2011.

“This, coupled with rising fuel costs, is creating extra pressure on household spending, and forcing many families to rethink their motoring needs.”

He added that searching for a better car insurance deal rather than simply accepting their renewal quote will help people to lower the costs associated with owning a vehicle.

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