Car insurance costs prompt driver to downsize

The rising costs of car insurance is prompting many drivers to reconsider their choice of car.

This is according to recent research from, which has revealed that 65 per cent of motorists believe that their next choice of...

Car insurance increased by distraction offences

Car insurance premiums can be increased substantially for drivers that are found to have been distracted at the wheel.

Indeed, a recent survey from has revealed that motor insurance premiums are increased by up to 27 per...

GAP recommended as car insurance

People looking into car insurance policies have been advised to take out Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance.

The policy means that drivers are covered for the shortfall that can often occur between the market value of their car and...

Motoring costs push need for competitive car insurance

A competitive price on car insurance premiums is all the more important as motoring costs continue to rise.

According to recent research from Sainsbury’s Car Insurance, the average car owner is spending around £1,720 a year to fuel...

Car insurance costs could be affected by injury claims

Car insurance premiums have “undoubtedly” been affected by the increase in referrals to personal injury lawyers by insurance companies and other organisations.

This is the view of Graham Donoghue, managing director at